Popular Attractions Near the Good Nite Inn –
Salinas hotel include:

National Steinbeck Center

Located in the Monterey County town of Salinas, the lettuce capital of the world, this museum is a tribute to Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck.

Salinas Sports Complex

Your rodeo Romeo could be just around the corner because this is the place for all rodeo aficionados. But that's not all! You can flex your muscles with the community sports and games that Salinas's sports complex has to offer. If you like the rough and tough game, there's football, soccer and motor events. And even if you're not sporty, there's something lined up just for you. There is an exhibition mall, a rodeo room with a bar that can accommodate 200 people for dining, a stage and a dancing area.

Laguna Seca Recreation Area

Laguna Seca Recreation Area is a scenic park offering magnificent views of the Salinas Valley and hillsides.

Monterey County Toro Park

Located just six miles from downtown Salinas and close to the Monterey Peninsula, Toro Park is an outdoor enthusiasts dream.

Salinas High Performing Arts Center

The Salinas High School Performing Arts Center has recently undergone massive reconstruction to improve the overall architecture and preserve the historic high school building. Here high school students perform their play productions for the local neighborhood.

Monterey County Court House

Built in 1937, the three-story concrete courthouse is a unique structure consisting of two stories in concrete and the third story in glass and steel.

Steinbeck Institute for Arts and Culture

The Steinbeck Institute for Arts and Culture is a premier facility for a range of events located in the former Sherwood Hall, next to the Salinas Sports Complex.

Jose Eusebio Boronda Adobe

The Jose Eusebio Boronda Adobe is a historic structure spread across an area of 5 acres (2.0 hectares). Built in 1846 is shows the Monterey Colonial style of architecture.

First Presbyterian Church Salinas

The First Presbyterian Church in Salinas opens its doors to all visitors and denominations visiting the area and has a variety of services to choose from. Visit their website for an up-to-date calendar of events, sermons, meetings and information on this Christian community church.

Salinas Valley

Located just outside the picturesque town of Monterey, Salinas Valley is a great addition to this popular tourist area and has many things to offer visitors who are looking to explore the area. Salinas Valley is most commonly known as the agricultural hub of this seaside area in California, producing delicious vegetables like lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli. The valley is also home to a few distinct wineries that boast incredible views of the roaming valley. If you are in an adventurous mood, check out Pinnacles National Monument or Lake San Antonio for some outdoor fun of hiking, boating or kayaking. Salinas Valley has something for everyone, especially ideal for a family vacation.

Fox Theater Salinas - CA

The Fox Theater in Salinas has been open for over 80 years and has managed to keep much of its 1920's art-deco decor intact.

Maya Salinas 14

This multiplex has 14 screens for your viewing pleasure. For an even more enjoyable experience, sit back and relax with popcorn and a soda from the refreshment stand.

Century 14 Northridge Mall

This multiplex has 14 screens and stadium seating for your viewing pleasure. For an even more enjoyable experience, sit back and relax with popcorn and a soda from the refreshment stand.

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